2016 ANR Annual Report

This year, Ambassador, Kathy Bragg, extended a sponsorship in the amount of 5,000 USD to ANR for specific purpose of supporting the ReVitalization Retreat!
— Node Smith, ANR Chairman of the Board

Bragg Health Foundation sponsors the 5th annual ReVitalization Retreat - 2016!

Our relationship with the Bragg Health Foundation is in its infancy, however the like minded missions of both organizations holds promises of continued support and the development of long term relations.  This year, Ambassador Kathy Bragg extended a sponsorship in the amount of 5,000 USD to ANR for the specific purpose of supporting the ReVitalization Retreat. Thank you Kathy, Patricia, and the Bragg Health Foundation family. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Mountain Peak Nutritionals gives ANR a boost.

Mountain peak Nutritionals donated 500 USD to support ANR's mission and vision. Thank you Jim Massey, ND and Mountain Peak Nutritionals!

ANR hosts the naturopathic gathering at the 5th annual Revitalization Retreat.

Members from the Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA) and ANR partnered for the first time in bringing about a joint retreat which combined the Naturopathic Gathering, an annual student event hosted by the NMSA, which brings together elders and students, and the ReVitalization Retreat. This collaboration was an example of circumventing a potential competition between two organizations striving to accomplish similar goals. This year’s Gathering and ReVitalization Retreat, were scheduled over the same weekend. Instead of forcing students to choose between the two events, we decided it would be in everyone’s best interest to combine them.   

IT's official, ANR and the Revival Retreat are a team.

We have officially added the Revival Retreat as a project within ANR. The Revival Retreat has always been a sister retreat to the ReVitalization, growing out of the same time and atmosphere. Throughout the years we’ve been in close contact with the various founding members and current facilitators, and have anticipated this eventual merging of intention. The official paperwork to move Revival into the ANR 501(c)3 was signed in April of this year at the annual NWNPC conference. Jonathan Carlson, ND; Tressa Pinkleton, ND; and Camille Koontz, ND were offered board positions. Tressa Pinkleton was the only member to continue on the ANR board through the year. Check out the website for more history.

Stephanie Monesson, co-founding ANR Board Member, was an invaluable asset in coordinating and forming the mentorship program. Thank you, Stephanie!
— Lee Poe, ANR Treasurer

Full Steam ahead for the Mentorship Program

We have rooted ourselves more deeply with naturopathic visionaries and elders through our alliance with the Council of Elders. In doing so we have moved forward with our vision of cultivating and experiencing the vital world. This mentorship program allows us to further our vision specifically through promoting a generational exchange of enthusiasm and wisdom, empowerment through experiential naturopathic education, providing the opportunity for self-nourishment, and fostering professional solidarity. We are excited to move forward with connecting students and new doctors, with some of the elders in our field. It is our hope that this mentorship program will enable newer NDs to gain confidence in using naturopathic modalities in practice, and to grow as individuals.

Thank you ReVitalization Retreat Leaders!

2016 ReVitalization Coordinators:

  • Ben Alter
  • Mikaela Arrendondo
  • Susanna McMillan
  • Jaden Hawkinson
  • Cody Strodtman
  • Nathan Wagner
  • Sonam Bhimbra


  • Anna Pleet

Thank you Revival Leaders!

2016 Revival Coordinators

  • Alison Hearst
  • Ashley Greene
  • Camille Koontz, ND
  • Dan Dowling
  • Elizabeth Smith
  • Jessica Bernardy, ND
  • Jonathan Bakker
  • Jonathan Carlson, ND
  • Jonathan Emahiser
  • Kate Spangler
  • Kathryn Hightower
  • Kelly Buechel
  • Lauren Hacker
  • Lisa Pomerantz
  • Michal Pearl Waldfogel
  • Sara Rapaport
  • Sarah Formica
  • Shayna Keller
  • Steven LaBrecque
  • Torrie Goudy
  • Tressa Pinkleton, ND