Mentorship Program Overview

We have teamed up with well known and respected naturopathic doctors.  Each mentorship is uniquely tailored by the mentor that is offering it. The mentors are listed alphabetically by last name.  Members of ANR have access to this service otherwise non-members are required to pay an application fee.  Any other fees for mentorship programs will be paid directly to mentors.

Please direct all inquiries and applications to:


Clinical, Cultivation of the Practitioner, Clinical/Case Consultant

  • Timeline of Mentorship: One week (7 days)
  • Application Due: ongoing applications accepted. Dr. Cropley is willing to accept one mentee per month. Please read the linked document before applying. 
  • Fees: cost for licensed doctors is $1,200, and for students is $700. This cost includes room & board for a 7-day intensive mentorship. Afterwards, Dr. Cropley is available to mentees and an ongoing relationship is naturally formed that best suits both mentor & mentee. 
  • Prerequisites: Understand the progression of food & nutrients from the intestines to the liver to the blood stream, thereby affecting endocrine balance (see required reading below). Also understand the model of toxemia and the power of fasting. In addition, it is important to understand the mechanism of food sensitivities and how to do both an elimination diet and test for food allergies. There is suggested preliminary reading and studying:
    • Required:
      • "Food is Your Best Medicine" by Henry Bieler, MD 
    • Recommended:
  • Supplemental Questions to Answer on Application: 
    • What is your experience with fasting, the teachings of Natural Hygiene, and hydrotherapy?
    • How familiar are you with student retreats such as the Gathering, ReVitalization, Revival, and vitalist movements such as Naturopathic Medicine Institute and the Mosswood Group?
    • Describe your personal practices in each of the four arts of living - movement/rest, eating, thinking, and relating to others. 
  • Biography: Dr. Charley Cropley is a practicing Naturopathic Physician, teacher and author in the Boulder/Denver area since 1979. He has trained hundreds of doctors in his methods of nutrition and Self-Healing, has been a frequent lecturer at the colleges of Naturopathic Medicine and regularly leads courses and retreats.  He is author of numerous articles, two books and an array of audios and videos. He has been voted best alternative Health care practitioner in Boulder four of the last five years. Dr. Cropley works with all types of Health problems using no medicines or supplements.  He teaches his clients to dramatically improve their Health & Vitality through four practices which he himself lives.
    1. wholesome Nutrition & Fasting
    2. Strengthening Exercise & Deep Rest
    3. Healthy Thinking
    4. Honest, Caring Relationships

This will be a self-reflecting program to help identify areas that may hinder the visions of the new doctor.  This mentorship also includes current cases/challenges the mentee is encountering. Most challenges are growth opportunities.  

  • Type of mentorship: Cultivation of the Practitioner
  • Timeline of Mentorship: November 1, 2016 - June 1, 2016
  • Application Due: October 18, 2016 
  • Fees: for the 8-month program, cost for licensed doctors is $1,050 and cost for students is $750. Payments plans are available. This includes two 60 minute meetings per month via telephone. There will be sixteen total sessions. The fees are set according to a $65 per session charge.  This program requires dedication for self growth and will take the participant through a re-evaluation of belief systems that can block success. A commitment to the 8-month program will assure greater progress.. A four month program is also available for $560. Other arrangements can also be made at a $75 per session charge. Long-term follow-up is available.
  • Prerequisites: Completion of the intake questionnaire. Some writing will be required for this process along with supplemental reading to enhance the principles of mind healing. entees who want to learn more about their "why" of practicing medicine will create a successful practice. 
  • Supplemental Questions to Answer on Application:
    • who have you looked up to in your life so far?
  • Biography: Dr Pamela Jeanne is a senior physician, educator and speaker with over 50 years experience in both allopathic and naturopathic medicine. She is a trained Heal Your Life coach and facilitator. She coaches clients to wellness via her mind wellness programs. In her naturopathic practice of 25+ years, Dr. Jeanne has counseled many people assisting them in health restoration through the power of the mind. A healthy open mind leads to better life outcomes. She has been on the faculty of NUNM for over 20 years teaching the art of naturopathic philosophy and medicine. Doctor Jeanne was inducted to the Naturopathic Hall of Fame in 2015 and received the Dr. Kenneth Harmon Award  in 2016 for excellence in applying the core principals of Naturopathic Medicine. Her book Healing Matters: Celebrating Women's Innate Healing Nature was published in 2012.
 Pamela Jeanne, ND

Pamela Jeanne, ND

 Todd Schlapfer, ND

Todd Schlapfer, ND

This mentorship will focus on psychospiritual development of the mentee as a primary objective.  Dr. Schlapfer will also make himself available to consult with practicing doctors on specific cases, conditions, treatments, and methods. 

  • Type of Mentorship: Cultivation of the Practitioner, Consultant, Relationship-Centered Care
  • Timeline of Mentorship: Conditional on mentee 
  • Application Due: Ongoing applications accepted 
  • Fees: here will be a fee for this mentorship, however, fees are negotiable depending on the length and intensity of the mentorship.
  • Prerequisites: Determination to successfully practice as a naturopathic physician. 
  • Supplemental Questions to Answer on Application: None.
  • Biography: Compelled by his life-long immersion and interest in nature, Dr. Schlapfer studied resource conservation and biology (University of Montana), co-founded a Montana-based environmental education foundation, matriculated at the National College of Natural Medicine and founded Coeur d' Alene Healing Arts over 3 decades ago. Central to his work as a naturopathic physician is the exploration of how human health is intimately linked to the forces of nature, e.g. food, soil, water, climes and corresponding biographical and biological experience.  As a clinician, Dr. Schlapfer strives to enable people to re-connect to their inherent and indigenous resources as a pathway for reversing disease and optimizing health. He lives with his partner and wife, Kate, in the Flathead Valley of western Montana.  Together, they have 2 adult children.

Please direct all inquiries and applications to