Restore the Vis
Idyllwild, California

October 5th-6th, 2019


Pioneering the way in Southern California....

The Restore the Vis Retreat brings doctors from all over the United States and Canada to share the wisdom of Naturopathic medicine and inspire hundreds of future and practiced holistic healers. The Retreat is an immersive experience focused on reinvigorating the healing power of nature while cultivating integrative mindsets. Students and doctors, from multiple schools in the Southwest co-create in expanding knowledge while participating in self healing and community building exercises. As a non-profit and sustainably organized event, we hope to continually grow and share the vision of healing mind, body, and spirit. We hope this message inspires you to share our dream of a world that finds its way back to nature.

This will be the 6th time the Restore the Vis Retreat is being hosted by Bastyr California Students.

For more information and updates on the Restore the Vis Retreat please visit our social media pages.


Registration: Restore the Vis

For all ticket sales please pay via Paypal or Venmo

Cash and checks will be accepted in person through the weekend of the Retreat

Early Bird Weekend Pass - $100

Day Pass - $60

The underlying intentions (or goals) of the retreat are to:
- To build community;
- To keep us grounded in the philosophies of the Nature Cure movement;
- To function as the horizon by which we as a profession maintains balance and integral self care.
- Create a dynamic environment which supports connection to Vis Medicatrix Naturae as well as Docere.


Event Details


 A two day and one overnight immersive retreat.

This a camping Retreat, if you don't have a tent available we will have yurts with space for multiple people to sleep in. The nights get cold and we can only have small fires, please bring warm clothes and appropriate sleeping materials. 

Food for the weekend will be provided with the price of your ticket. The food will be strictly vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Guruanteed to be absolutely delicious!!!

Workshops and activities: community building exercises, sunrise yoga, meditation labyrinths, cacao ceremonies, sound healing, breath work meditation, fermentation workshops, herbal alchemy, nature hikes, wet sheet wraps, organic sustainable farming, with lots of arts and crafts, live music/jams sessions.

Talks: Opening ceremony, Keynote, and closing talks will be the main features, with other talks ongoing throughout the weekend. The theme of this year will be Docere,  Doctor as teacher, spiced with the unique experiences and lessons each doctor has learn on their path as a Naturopathic healer.

There will be space to process your experiences, talk one on one with doctors and other professionals in the natural health field, share warm embraces, and contemplate the beauty and healing power of nature under the starry night sky.


Earthstar Farm nestled in the Garner Valley, right outside Idyllwild, Ca.

56475 Apple Canyon Rd, Mountain Center, CA 92561

As part of the San Bernardino National Forest the farm is dotted with old growth pines that have been standing watch for hundred of years.

To the Northeast is the San Jacinto mountain range. As a standout, Tahquitz peak looms with its magnificent rock faces which were the site of the development for the original Yosemite rock climbing scale.

To the Southwest lies Lake hemet, fed by the San Jacinto river and  Hurkey creek which cuts through the 40 acre property, providing an opportunity for a fresh dip in its cold waters.

The sacred valley of the Cahuila tribe still holds a great and powerful presence that is felt when one spends time wandering the natural beauty that is found there.



The Retreat unofficially starts Friday night, Sept. 28th. Showing up early provides a great opportunity to set up camp and get to know the other attendees. There will be a potluck, games, ice breakers, and talents shows taking place all night long.

The official start time will be 7am on Saturday, Sept. 29th beginning with sunrise yoga. Attendees are welcome to arrive at any time convenient to them.

The Opening ceremony and talk will begin at 9:15am following breakfast.

The Retreat will end at 5pm on Sunday, Sept. 30th after the closing ceremony. There will be a clean up and walk through after the fact. We recommend everyone follows the "pack it in, pack it out" motto so that the land can remain pristine.

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Our attendees

Holistic Medical Students and Holistic Doctors
(Naturopathic Doctors, Holistic MD’s, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors)

Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Earthing Circle (Main Talk Area) - $1500 Headlining

  • Official Event T-shirts (your info on back)

  • Opening Ceremonies

  • Snack Donations

  • Supplement/Herbal Medicinal Donations

  • Flag


Levels of Sponsorship

Docere Package ($1000+)

  • Earthing Circle sponsorship/signage at event

  • Listed on all promo-materials (registration website, facebook event page, all email to attendees)

  • Hanging banner at event

  • 10 social media mentions

  • Published article by donor

Vis Medicatrix Naturae ($700-900)

  • Opening, keynote, and closing ceremonies conducted by our headlining speakers available for sponsorship

  • All prominent naturopathic doctors available for sponsorship

  • Listed on all promotional materials (registration website, facebook event page, all email to attendees)

  • 6 social media messages

Tolle Causum ($400-600)

  • Sponsorship of the onsite kitchen - 100% organic, with gluten free and dairy free options

  • Perfect for snack/food companies or supplement companies

  • 4 social media mentions

Tolle Totum ($100-300)

  • Sponsorship of the Yurt/camping village

  • Area signage

  • 2 social media mentions